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American Veteran Newspaper, Inc.
Food Assistance Program

Mission Statement

We are a Community Based Direct Service Organization. We operate on the front line distributing food to the hungry, needy, and especially to those who live with food insecurity. As one of the largest food distributors in Miami Dade County we provide the education, organization, and empowerment necessary to eliminate hunger, food insecurity and poverty in the State of Florida and the United States. We coordinate by establishing alliances with others. We network and partner with social service agencies and other NPO's in the local community. We understand that not one agency can fulfill the complete spectrum of those in need. We specialize in food distribution. The organization is ran by a thirteen man and woman voluntary advisory board. It is comprised of a diverse group of community residents and community leaders, professionals, and those engaged in public service. This provides us local representation and direct involvement in the governance and strategic direction of the organization. We respect the obligation for those who want and need these services and recognize the rights of individuals who do not wish to accept these services. The agency through the community involvement and through cooperative communications is privileged to be a part of the great effort.


Statement of Need

The permanent homeless population of Miami Beach is estimated to be 200-275. There are also a significant number of very-low income persons who are at-risk of becoming homeless as the result of being displaced from their homes by area's "gentrification". Affordable housing for very low-income residents of Miami Beach is in critical short supply, and there are over 4,000 names on the Miami Beach Housing Authority's waiting list for Section 8 Assistance. By our agency feeding program to the low-income families free of charge, they do not have to make the decision "should I buy food for the family or should I pay the electric, rent, water, gas, ect." This is the grey area, this is where the actual transition occurs.

Based on the Miami-Dade County Community Homeless plan, prepared by the Miami-Dade County Commission's task force on Homelessness, 80% of homeless individuals and families have been homeless for less than one year or are periodically displaced (the office of the City Manager of the City of Miami Beach conducted a survey of the city's homeless population, and found that there is a significantly higher percentage of chronically homeless living in Miami Beach). The task force survey showed that 25-30% of the homeless are chronic substance abusers, 30-50% are mentally ill, 15-20% are HIV positive, 50% have primary health care problems, 40% are families with children, 22% are Veterans, and 5% are unaccompanied teens.

As to the very-low income population at-risk of homelessness in Miami Beach, recent surveys by local university and the Housing Authority's strategic planner demonstrate that the preponderance of such persons at-risk are female single parents with school-age children (this is where our agency's strength is). There are also a significant number of such very-low income persons at-risk of homelessness who have been diagnosed as HIV positive or who have full blown AIDS.

Apart from the Housing Authority's newly developed relocation program (known as the Rent Supplement Program [RSP]), there are no programs in the city of Miami Beach to provide tenant-based assistant to displaced and homeless persons. There are no shelters in the city, and few services apart from church-sponsored meal programs.

Miami Beach's growing homeless population, many of whom live in a state park on the southern tip of the city or the northern, is representative of homeless people throughout the country. Along with temporary shelter and permanent housing, they are in need of alcohol and drug treatment, psychiatric services, medical care, and vocational rehabilitation.


Letters of Support

Below are some of our favorite letters of support collected over the years.
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Vet Center, Washington D.C.
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Veterans Administration Medical Center; Miami FL
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Amarillo TX
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Veterans Administration Medical Center; Richmond VA
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Sepulveda CA
SER - Jobs For Progress, Inc.
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Miami, FL
Anointed One Outreach Center
Miami-Dade County Public Schools - Biscayne Elementary
Anointed One Outreach Center
Miami VA Healthcare for Homeless Veterans
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Miami, FL
Next Step Transitional Housing
Switchboard of Miami
Jackson North Community Mental Health Center
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Miami, FL
Deaf Services Bureau
Miami Beach Community Health Center
League Against AIDS
South Florida Workforce
Switchboard of Miami
Department of Children and Families; State of Florida
Douglas Gardens Community Mental Health Center
Veterans Administration Medical Center; Miami, FL

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