Lack of skilled workers during the European Championships: In Frankfurt and Leipzig, around half of the vacancies cannot be filled. And the personnel situation is also precarious in other European Championship venues.

There is a shortage of thousands of skilled workers in hotels and restaurants, particularly in the host cities of the European Football Championship in Germany. According to a study published on Saturday by the Cologne Institute for the German Economy (IW), mathematically almost a quarter of all vacancies in the industry cannot be filled. Across the country, there is a shortage of more than 8,000 skilled workers.

According to the IW, the situation in the catering industry is particularly tense. There is a shortage of 2,975 trained chefs and 1,959 skilled catering staff. The outlook for companies is also poor: in certain specialist areas of the catering industry, there are no suitably qualified unemployed people for more than half of the vacancies.

With regard to the European Championship, the situation in the ten host cities of the tournament is different. According to IW, there is only a small shortage of skilled workers in Berlin and Gelsenkirchen.

In Frankfurt and Leipzig, however, there are hundreds: “Around half of all vacancies could not be filled with suitably qualified specialists,” the experts explained. There is also a lack of staff in MunichDusseldorf and Stuttgart.


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