The minimum prices for vodka, cognac and brandy are rising in Russia. One reason for this is the sanctions.

Vodka has become more expensive in its home country Russia. As the Russian news agency Interfax reports, the Russian Finance Ministry has adjusted the minimum prices for vodka, but also for cognac and brandy. The changes have been in effect since June 1st.

The new regulations stipulate that the minimum selling price for vodka will rise to 299 rubles (about 3.30 euros) per half liter. Cognac and brandy will also become more expensive: here the minimum price will rise to 556 and 403 rubles per half liter respectively. Currently the minimum selling price is 281 rubles for half a liter of vodka, while brandy and cognac must be sold at a price of at least 375 and 517 rubles respectively.

The ministry justified the increase with the level of inflation and the increase in excise tax rates for alcoholic products. Another role is played by the Western sanctions because of the war of aggression against Ukraine, which the Interfax news agency simply calls “trade and financial restrictions” in its report.

Hundreds of thousands of Russians died as a result of alcoholism, particularly in the chaotic 1990s, when hunger and poverty were a problem. At that time, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, alcohol consumption among men rose to 34 liters of pure alcohol per year (96% vol.). If you ignore the consumption of other alcoholic beverages and convert this value entirely into vodka consumption, this would round up to a consumption of 82 liters of vodka with an alcohol content of 40%.


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