She is beautiful, eternally young and wants to show her sexiness on screen. But in her current film “Atlas”, Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez disappoints the audience. The new “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich” episode sheds light on a woman and her self-chosen image.

Media headlines about Hollywood star Jennifer Lopez say she is a “wow woman”. The musician and actress has been an integral part of show business for many years. She regularly stirs up the tabloids and is also successful as a businesswoman – especially in the beauty sector. The now 54-year-old wife of Ben Affleck is considered a timeless beauty. A major German tabloid newspaper recently ran a headline about the seemingly eternally wrinkle-free woman saying that she has “taken the teeth out of time”.

In the new episode of the ntv podcast “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich,” Verena and Ronny talk about the woman who has apparently fallen into the fountain of youth. The former “Jenny from the Block” also places great value on perfect staging in her film roles.

In her current film “Atlas” (currently number 1 on Netflix), she not only plays a genius, but also a beautiful woman with teenage attitudes. However, the self-chosen image of the sexy heroine is mercilessly rejected by the audience. As secret service analyst Atlas Shepherd, Lopez is currently receiving devastating reviews. The media headlines about the film's dud of the obviously extremely vain actress are: “Oh dear, mega-star Jennifer Lopez has done herself no favors with this film.” What ntv film critic Ronny Rüsch has to say about the film and J.Lo's lounging in bed – now on “Ditt & Datt & Dittrich”.

Ditt & Datt & Dittrich

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