“Is this satire?”
Til Schweiger confuses fans with new photo

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Til Schweiger actually just wants to politely thank someone for a cosmetic treatment, but the accompanying photo triggers speculation. Because many followers are sure: Artificial intelligence was at work here.

“Thank you so much, dear Miriam, for the detailed advice and treatment. I felt very comfortable,” writes Til Schweiger on Instagram alongside a photo of him and Dr. Miriam Rehbein, a dermatologist trusted by celebrities. After just one week, he was able to see “a clear improvement” thanks to her products and is now “really looking forward to my new, radiant complexion,” enthuses Schweiger.

The 60-year-old actually looks transformed. However, many followers do not believe that the cosmetic products were the “game changer”, as Schweiger claims. Looking at the picture, they are rather certain that artificial intelligence (AI) must have been at work here. “Dear Til, there's something wrong with this picture”, “What happened to his head? Has he become an alien? The picture has been badly edited”, “Fake photo, that's for sure!” or “Sorry, but I can't shake the feeling that we have an AI-generated photo here. The posture in relation to each other is so unnatural, it looks like two individual photos that have been put together here”, are some of the many suspicious comments regarding the photo of Schweiger with Dr. Rehbein.

In addition to the composition of the picture, many Instagram followers are also confused by the 60-year-old's somewhat sparse hairline. “What's wrong with your hair?” or “If that stuff is also responsible for your new hairstyle, the (Dr. Rehbein, (Editor’s note) declare bankruptcy as a precautionary measure.” Some at least think that Schweiger looks “cute” with a side parting. At least his “Manta, Manta” colleague Tina Ruland has a compliment: “Cool hairstyle!”

“Blink if you need help!”

But apart from Schweiger's appearance, the text of the post itself becomes the topic. Many fans do not buy the actor and film producer's advertising post. “What is this nonsense? As if Til is advertising beauty products… And then such a bad picture – it really couldn't be more conspicuous… who on earth is supposed to believe that?” or “I'm still thinking about what irritates me more: the picture or the text,” are suspicious comments. Many speculate whether the “Keinohrhasen” star has been hacked. “Is this satire?” asks one confused fan. “I don't know whether to laugh or cry right now,” another user sums up the general mood. “Blink if you need help!” writes a follower addressed to Schweiger.

According to RTL's verification, however, neither AI nor Photoshop were involved in the Instagram photo. And the specialists also rule out a hacker attack. Schweiger will certainly be pleased that at least some of his fans think that he looks different in the photo, but “crazy good”.


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