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Til Schweiger has left the clinic

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After Til Schweiger was admitted to the clinic last week due to sepsis, there was initially great concern. It is said that the filmmaker was even threatened with having one of his legs amputated. Now he is being photographed for the first time after leaving the hospital.

After being treated for life-threatening sepsis, filmmaker Til Schweiger has now left the hospital in Palma on Mallorca. Photos available to the “Bild” newspaper testify to this.

Two pictures show the 60-year-old outdoors while holding his cell phone in his hand. A plaster on Schweiger's arm suggests that he may have recently had his blood taken or an infusion given. Despite the treatment behind him, a smile flashes across the director's face.

In another photo, Schweiger can be seen getting into a car. According to the “Bild” newspaper, it was noticeable that he moved carefully. First he sat down in the car and then dragged his legs. However, Schweiger did not limp.

No flight to New York

Even if he is no longer receiving inpatient care, Schweiger still needs to be treated, they say. So he went from his finca to the clinic again for a stay of around 45 minutes. “I'm still receiving intravenous antibiotics. They've got the fever under control,” Schweiger is quoted by the “Bild” newspaper.

Schweiger had originally planned to attend the premiere of the new Guy Ritchie film “The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare” in New York on Monday evening, in which he stars. But nothing comes of it despite his release from the hospital. “Of course I’m not flying to New York,” said Schweiger.

While the director and actor continues to recuperate in Mallorca, his ex-wife Dana and his daughter Luna were spotted on the red carpet of the “Spa Awards” on Lake Chiemsee. When asked by RTL about Til Schweiger's current situation, the two did not want to comment further.

Sepsis detected early

The report of Schweiger's hospital stay made the rounds last Thursday. It was said that the director suffered sepsis from a wound on his shin. Because of the blood poisoning, he felt so bad at times that his leg even threatened to be amputated.

Sepsis occurs when the body's immune response to an infection damages its own tissue and organs. It is the most severe form of infection and can even lead to death if it progresses dramatically. In Schweiger's case, the sepsis was recognized and treated in good time.


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