“This breaks my heart”
Heino cries at the concert for the deceased Hannelore

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It’s been around two weeks since Heino’s wife Hannelore died. Now the singer was back on stage for the first time. During his appearance in the Dresden Kreuzkirche, the sadness and pain after the stroke of fate can be clearly seen.

Emotional moments at Heino’s concert: A good two weeks after the death of his wife Hannelore, the singer began his church tour “The Heavens Praise” in Dresden’s Kreuzkirche on Friday evening. He sang mainly sacred and contemplative songs and was sometimes moved to tears, as “Bild” and RTL reported. He dedicated the concert to Hannelore.

“I always look for Hannelore in the front row because she sat there at all my concerts,” the medium quotes the singer as saying. “And then I can’t find her and I realize she’ll never sit there again. That breaks my heart.” The 84-year-old came on stage in a black cut after the Leonard Cohen song “Hallelujah” was played.

A portrait photo of Hannelore was placed at the edge of the stage. There was also a candle burning, which was decorated with the name “Hannelore” and golden hearts. A bouquet of 44 red roses was meant to symbolize the couple’s 44 years of marriage. As RTL reports, the singer’s sadness was evident and he was also handed a handkerchief during the concert.

“Hannelore would have wanted him to continue singing”

The first concert was originally scheduled to take place on Friday, November 17th in Mönchengladbach – just two days after Hannelore’s funeral. Instead, the concert was announced in the Kreuzkirche in Dresden. His manager Helmut Werner announced that the first concert in particular would be highly emotional for Heino. “But he really wants to return to the stage because Hannelore would have wanted him to continue singing.”

The performances should also be helpful for the musician himself: “Heino now needs the affection, comfort and sympathy of his fans to alleviate his immeasurable pain.” The singer and actress Hannelore Kramm died on November 8th at the age of 82.

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