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“Put your panties down!” Jauch also thinks

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“You're hearing each other for the first time, how exciting,” says Jauch, happy about the “blind date” as a telephone joker. The “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” viewers also find out who is automatically reported to the authorities on eBay and why Jauch ended up behind bars in Egypt.

No, it wasn't the photo of Günther Jauch stuck to a pyramid that landed the presenter in prison. Suzanne Muller from Berlin brought the picture with her to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” as a good luck charm. (WWM). A friend discovered portraits of Jauch and Thomas Gottschalk on the wall of a pyramid in Mexico. “Extreme youth photos,” Jauch said of the photos. “What was the context of that? Was it an Eros Center or what?”

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Who had stuck Jauch and Gottschalk to the Mexican cultural monument remained unclear in the broadcast on Monday evening. However, Jauch was quickly exposed when he and a television team landed illegally in a military exclusion zone next to the pyramids in Giza. The helicopter pilot didn't know his way around very well, the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” host recalled while filming the program “Rätselflug” in the early 1980s. The whole thing could have ended badly.

Jauch is arrested in Egypt

Soldiers appeared immediately, Jauch reported. “They took me there and then locked me in a cell like that for two hours. It was really funny. Then it cleared up,” said the RTL presenter. The reason for the trip into the past was Muller's confession that he once spent a night behind bars as a student. The Dutch woman didn't want to pay a fine in her home country for running a red light on her bike. She actually only wanted to stay in Berlin for one semester. But then came love – and finally Jauch.

Muller watches “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” for 25 years, i.e. as long as the RTL quiz show has existed. “Children in bed, 'Tagesschau', Mr. Jauch,” was their compulsory program back then, reported the head of a welcome class for young refugees. The humor of the German TV presenters was initially not their thing. But then her partner at the time, Jauch, got involved – and the Dutchwoman finally became friends with her new home: “Then I thought you were really funny and then I thought: There are Germans with a sense of humor and I'll stay.”

The candidate and Jauch were also on the same wavelength when it came to false feelings of shame when giving birth in public. By her third pregnancy, Muller had only made it to a park bench in front of a Catholic hospital. The midwife who rushed over from the clinic was apparently slightly overwhelmed. “She started pulling up my panties,” Muller recalled. “I said: Get down! The child has to go!” Jauch took a similarly pragmatic view: “It doesn’t help.”

“You're hearing each other for the first time now, how exciting,” said Jauch happily when Muller called her telephone joker with the question for 64,000 euros. “He's the manager of something. I don't know Kai either,” she introduced her helper. However, the two have been dueling each other via mobile games for a good five years. “He always wins,” said Muller, justifying the leap of faith for their “blind date.” And that didn't disappoint.

“Who died at the age of 32 shortly before the premiere of the first and only Hollywood film in which he played the lead role?” Jauch wanted to know. The candidate had leaned toward Heath Ledger and “Brokeback Mountain.” However, her telephone joker immediately chose the martial arts legend Bruce Lee and thus secured her the highest winning amount of the evening. “Kai always wins,” Jauch also attested at the end.

The Berliner will put part of the 64,000 euros into her wedding. This is planned for the summer. However, when the bride-to-be answered Jauch's question in the negative as to whether she had already requested an appointment at the registry office, the Potsdam native burst out laughing in view of the overloaded offices in the capital. He had a gloomy forecast: better prepare for January 2027.

Overhang candidate Natascha Kapfer took home her 32,000 euros from last Monday. Thanks to the security variant, she had gambled well beforehand and in the end even had the right nose for the 64,000 euro question – namely that budgies have yellow and white black eyes. The candidate from the Westerwald didn't want to risk falling this time.

Who sang with Michael Jackson?

Thomas Meinders from Mettmann near Düsseldorf also relied on the security variant. The press officer from the private university IST was happy about 16,000 euros at WWM – even though he went with a joker. Jauch wanted to know whose famous singer can be heard on Michael Jackson's album “Thriller”. Meinders bet on Freddie Mercury after a tip from his wife on the phone. However, Jauch was looking for Paul McCartney. “You can do something with it,” the moderator consoled.

The third candidate with three jokers that evening was Sarah Schilder from Aachen. The dentist will be back next week with the 32,000 euro question and will then have a joker at her disposal. Luckily, in the last round on Monday, when she heard the word “Thomas Bach” she thought of “Olympic thingy” at the last moment. That's why she was able to answer on her own that the sports official could be described as “Lord of the Rings”.

In the previous round, the dentist had completely trusted her logic. “Which platform has to report its ‘heavy users’ to the authorities since 2023 due to a new law: WhatsApp, Ebay, Instagram, WeightWatchers?” asked Jauch. Schilder concluded that it could actually only be the sales platform. Jauch clarified: “For everyone who has just noticed this: Anyone who has sold more than 30 items on Ebay in a year is included in this, or anyone who has spent more than 2000 euros will be reported, automatically.” This tax office regulation also applies to platforms such as Airbnb or Etsy.

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