“Psychotically” long concerts
Billie Eilish outrages Taylor Swift fans

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Pop star Billie Eilish thinks it's “psychotic” to give concerts that last for hours. A statement that has angered some fans of long-time performer Taylor Swift. They see it as an attack on their idol, but not everyone shares the outrage.

Performing on stage for three hours or more like Taylor Swift or Beyoncé? That's not for Billie Eilish. The singer revealed this in a question and answer session with fans on the music streaming app Stationhead. “I don't do three-hour shows, that's literally psychotic,” she replied to a question about whether she could imagine such a marathon performance.

“Nobody wants that,” Billie Eilish clarified. “You don't want that. I don't want that.” She herself doesn't want to listen to her favorite artists for more than three hours. “That's way too long,” she reiterated. And again: “That's literally psychotic.”

A fan account for Taylor Swift on X interpreted Eilish's statements as a dig at her idol. After all, Swift's record-breaking Eras tour – which will also be in Gelsenkirchen and Hamburg in July – is, alongside Beyoncé's Renaissance shows, the only “top-class tour of recent times that lasts three hours or more.” The post was met with approval among Swifties. Billie Eilish could not manage three hours because she doesn't have enough songs in her repertoire.

Billie Eilish is amazed by Taylor Swift

Others criticized the attempt to construct a feud between Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish that doesn't even exist. Billie Eilish repeatedly expresses her appreciation for her competitors. “Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are untouchable superstars,” she told the Los Angeles Times in 2023.

“The fact that they can put on such a long show that is filled with so many incredible moments is truly amazing,” praised the multiple Grammy winner. But big stadium gigs are not for her. “Nobody should think that I'm ungrateful when I play in stadiums, but when you go to a stadium, you don't think that the artist knows you're there.” But she wants “the audience to know that I see them with my own eyes.”

Billie Eilish has just released her third album “Hit Me Hard And Soft”. She will be touring with it from September 2024. Her fans now know that they don't have to plan much time for the concerts.


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