“These stupid headlines”
Bruce Willis' wife is angry

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Bruce Willis' dementia has been known for around a year. Since then, the ex-Hollywood star's family has continued to release health updates. But what is sometimes made of it doesn't suit wife Emma Heming-Willis at all.

Since former action icon Bruce Willis was diagnosed with dementia, his wife Emma Heming-Willis has been devotedly caring for the 68-year-old. She always gives insights into everyday life with her sick husband – which not everyone thinks is good. However, the criticism of the ex-actor's display is not what is now driving Heming-Willis to anger. It is the unprofessional remote diagnoses that are made in some reports and comments.

Above all, the 45-year-old appears to be offended by a statement that her husband can “no longer feel joy” in life. “I can tell you that this is far from the truth,” Heming-Willis explains in one of two Instagram videos in which she addresses the speculation surrounding her husband's condition.

“Whoever writes these stupid headlines should stop trying to scare people,” Heming-Willis continues. The diagnosis of a neurocognitive disorder does not mean the end, but “the complete opposite”. It is the beginning of a new chapter that is “filled with love, full of connection, full of friends” and “full of happiness.”

“Opinion instead of experience”

Heming-Willis criticized the fact that people “who had an opinion instead of an experience” spoke up. However, they did not take the time to “inform themselves sufficiently about neurocognitive diseases of any kind.”

Heming-Willis is certain that “dark and gloomy headlines,” such as those sometimes made in the case of her husband, would also have another negative effect. They would unsettle people who care for a person with dementia. Therefore, “this negative narrative around dementia” should be reformulated. Ultimately, she experienced that two things could be true and coexist at the same time: “Grief and deep love. Sadness and deep connection. Trauma and adaptability.”

At the beginning of 2022 it became known that Bruce Willis had health problems. His family said at the time that the actor had to give up his career due to aphasia, a speech disorder. A year later it became public that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

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