The asparagus season is already approaching in one region of Germany: the first spears have already been cut.

The asparagus farmers in the southwest are in the starting blocks: the season should start in just over a week. “We expect smaller quantities in farm shops before Easter,” said Simon Schumacher, board spokesman for the Association of South German Asparagus and Strawberry Growers (VSSE/Bruchsal). However, the first poles were cut in a company in northern Baden a week ago – thanks to underfloor heating.

The head of the association expects a cautious start with very good qualities. The prices should be moderate. The past mild and dry autumn was optimal for healthy growth without pest infestation. “Asparagus has a long memory,” emphasized Schumacher. According to him, if the plants get enough sun, the harvest should start from March 18th under foil and mini-tunnels in north and south Baden and in Rhineland-Palatinate.

So far only very small quantities

By Easter at the latest, local asparagus should be available not only in farm shops, but also in grocery stores. High season is in April and May. On May 3rd, “Asparagus Day” is celebrated on many farms.

The vegetable, popular with gourmets, thrives particularly well in sandy, light soil and needs sunny locations. In Baden-Württemberg, asparagus is mainly grown in northern Baden between Baden-Baden and Mannheim and in the southern Rhine plain around Freiburg on an area of ​​around 2,500 hectares.

According to Schumacher, the Großhans asparagus farm with its heated fields near Waghäusel north of Karlsruhe is “an absolute exotic”. On the field, which is a little bigger than a football pitch, the pale poles have been being pricked for a week. But in very small quantities, as the head of the association emphasizes.

Farmer uses excess heat from biogas plant

Asparagus farmer Steffen Großhans uses excess waste heat from a biogas plant, which is fed with manure from dairy cows, to heat the dams. This warms the ground so that the plants sprout earlier than in fields that are only covered with foil. Conservationists are quite critical of this: the Nabu nature conservation association thinks it makes more sense to forego it. Consumers must be made clear that every vegetable has its season.

According to the local farmers' association, the asparagus harvest will also begin shortly in Hesse: “The weather has a positive effect on an early start to asparagus.” In any case, asparagus will be available for direct marketing at the sales stands before Easter. The prices for the noble vegetables would be similar to last year, although with a slight tendency to increase. In Bavaria, some asparagus will be harvested next week. The large quantities are not expected until April.

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