King Charles wants it that way
Camilla goes on vacation

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The British royal family is going through difficult times. Above all, King Charles III's cancer. also draws on the strength of his wife Camilla. That's why she should now take a break abroad – on personal orders from her husband.

Queen Camilla is currently the highest-ranking working member of the British Royal Family. While King Charles III. is currently undergoing cancer treatment and Princess Kate is still recovering from abdominal surgery, the 76-year-old has attended many public appointments and events in the past few weeks. Now the monarch's wife is also taking a break from her royal duties.

Several British media report this unanimously. Accordingly, the Queen's appointment calendar should remain empty in the coming days. Camilla doesn't just want to use her free time to take care of her family. It is said that she is also planning to take a private flight abroad to soak up the sun for a few days away from the hustle and bustle and worries at home.

Camilla returns on March 11th

Apparently the time off was ordered to her from the highest level. The order came from King Charles III. herself, said royal author Ingrid Seward in an interview with The Sun newspaper. The monarch saw that his wife was exhausted. “She definitely deserves some rest and relaxation,” Seward said.

Since the palace made Charles' cancer diagnosis public a month ago, Camilla has attended a total of 13 public appointments, including some appearances originally intended for the king.

Last week she attended a memorial service for Constantine of Greece in Windsor and then held a reception for hundreds of guests. Last Thursday she met Olena Zelenska, wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, at Clarence House.

It is said that the Queen will not make her next public appearance until March 11th. Accordingly, she should represent her husband once again at the Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey and lead the Royal Family at the ceremony.


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