Many reforms will come into force in the new year, which will also affect the incomes of many citizens. Where will there be more money in the future and where will there be cuts?

In the new year, the minimum wage and citizens’ allowance will increase. However, going to a restaurant could become more expensive and the heating law comes into force. An overview of what lies ahead for consumers in 2024:

Higher minimum wage

Higher mini-job limit

As a result of the minimum wage increase, the upper limit for so-called mini-jobs also increases. This will increase from January 520 to 538 euros per month.

Citizens’ money is increasing significantly

The more than five million recipients of citizens’ benefit should receive an average of around twelve percent more money by January 1, 2024. For single people, this means an increase of 61 to 563 euros per month. Adults who live with a partner receive 506 euros. For children, the rates are between 357 and 471 euros, depending on age. Find out more about increasing the citizen’s allowance here.

Income tax

The basic tax allowance, i.e. the income up to which no tax has to be paid, should increase. Originally the limit was supposed to be 11,604 euros; Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) recently spoke of 11,784 euros. The child allowance is to be increased to 6,612 euros. However, there could still be changes to the relief due to the budget crisis.

Cuts in parental allowance

From April onwards, the parental allowance that mothers and fathers receive as a wage replacement benefit if they stay at home after the birth of a child will only go to couples who have a maximum taxable annual income of 200,000. For single parents, the limit will be 150,000 euros from April. However, the plans have not yet been finalized due to delays in the federal budget. They should only apply to parents whose child is born on or after March 31, 2024. More information can be found here.

More money for nursing staff

Employees in geriatric care will receive more money from May 1st. The minimum wage per hour increases to 19.50 euros for nursing staff, to 16.50 euros for qualified nursing assistants and to 15.50 euros for nursing assistants.

Trainee wages

The minimum salary for trainees in their first year of training increases by 4.7 percent to 649 euros per month. This affects training that begins on January 1st. Exceptions via collective agreement are possible.

Heating in new buildings

Germany ticket

It is still unclear how the price for the Germany ticket will develop in 2024. The 49 euros per month was intended as an introductory price. So the amount could increase over the course of the year.


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Care allowance increases

The care allowance for home care will be increased by five percent – depending on the level of care, this is 16 to 45 euros more per month. In outpatient care, the benefit amounts in kind will also be increased by five percent. From 2024, anyone who cares for relatives will be entitled to care support allowance for ten working days per person in need of care.

Nursing insurance increases surcharges

There is also relief for those in need of care in homes: the nursing care fund increases the percentage surcharges for people in fully inpatient care facilities. Depending on the length of stay in the nursing home, the increase is between five and ten percent.

Higher social security contributions for high earners

High earners should pay higher social security contributions. In the statutory pension and unemployment insurance, contributions of up to an amount of 7,550 euros per month in the west and 7,450 euros in the east are due. The contribution assessment limit for statutory health and nursing care insurance is to rise to 5,175 euros per month.

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