What did he do with it?
Chris Pratt squandered his first acting salary

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As a successful actor, Chris Pratt no longer has any money worries. But Arnold Schwarzenegger's son-in-law had to learn the hard way how to manage his wealth after his breakthrough.

In the radio show “Sway In The Morning,” Chris Pratt talked about his first big windfall – and revealed that it didn't last long. “I had been living on very little money for a long time and the first big job I got was a TV movie. I got $75,000,” the 44-year-old says in a video clip on YouTube.

With the check for 75,000 US dollars, the equivalent of around 69,000 euros, he had the feeling “that I would never run out of money.” That's why Pratt invested the sum directly in trips around the world, visiting Hawaii and Australia, among other places. In his youthful recklessness, the American even considered buying a yacht. “And about two months later I asked myself: 'Where did the money go?!'” he explains.

Awareness of finances came late

Only then did the Hollywood star realize that he had to be more careful with his money. Due to a lack of opportunities, he never learned how to handle assets in a healthy way. For Pratt, developing a financial plan to secure his family was therefore “one of the steps in my coming of age.”

Today, Chris Pratt no longer has to worry about his finances. In 2002, the television series “Everwood” made him famous. In recent years, he has increasingly appeared in action films and has played leading roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Passengers”, among others.

In addition, the 44-year-old's financial security should also be provided by his marriage: He has been married to Katherine Schwarzenegger since 2019. The 34-year-old is the daughter of action legend Arnold Schwarzenegger. Pratt recently announced his desire to make a film with his wife. “I asked her. I think she could be great. Because she's actually a very good actress.” However, the author and blogger has serious concerns that she would laugh too much during filming.


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