Riot on the plane
Samantha Fox spends the night in the holding cell

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With “Touch Me” in the 80s, Samantha Fox invited people to get to know her better. But on a plane it was probably better to keep your distance from the singer and former pin-up icon. Fox is said to have been so rowdy that the flight was aborted.

In Great Britain in particular, Samantha Fox has burned herself into the collective memory. As the so-called “Page 3 Girl,” she regularly presented herself topless to readers of the tabloid “The Sun” in the 1980s.

The now 57-year-old owes her popularity outside of her home country more to the fact that she also works as a singer. With her lascivious song “Touch Me (I Want Your Body)” she temporarily mutated into an international pop star in the 80s. Two more small hits followed with “Do Ya Do Ya (Wanna Please Me)” and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me Now”.

However, Fox produced completely different headlines after the turn of the millennium – be it as a participant in the British jungle camp variant “I'm a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!” 2009 or because of their relationships. The former heartthrob finally came out as a lesbian in 2003.

Fox had to cope with a stroke of fate in 2015 when her manager and long-time partner Myra Stratton died. Although she is now happily in a relationship and married again with the Norwegian Linda Olsen, she experienced another setback in March when her sister suffered a fatal heart attack at the age of just 50.

Dispute with another passenger

Was it all just too much for Samantha Fox? At least that's what her former employer “The Sun” seems to think, as it is now reporting on a less pleasant event in which Fox is said to have played the leading role. Accordingly, the singer not only caused the cancellation of a flight from London Heathrow to Munich. She was also locked in the holding cell for one night.

According to The Sun, Fox got into a heated argument with another passenger while the British Airways plane was still on the tarmac. Eventually she rioted so much that the crew decided against taking off as planned. Instead, all passengers were asked to leave the plane. It was only possible for her to continue her journey after spending a night in a hotel. Fox, meanwhile, was escorted to a cell.

The police have basically confirmed that a suspected drunk woman in her mid-50s was arrested on a plane, writes “The Sun”. Meanwhile, Fox probably also saw her mistake herself. It is said that she apologized for everything and said she fully supports the investigation into the incident.

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