The audience learns the – supposedly – real reasons for Cora’s move out. Even Dr. Bob intervenes and unconsciously only fuels the speculation even more. Otherwise, the fourth jungle day is an absolute Leyla day! The “machine” delivers. But please, Leyla: Don’t talk about eggs anymore!

The whole of jungle Germany had to be patient for 24 hours after Sonja dropped the bombshell at the end of the third day and announced that Cora had canceled her sails. But the solution to the riddle is not very credible for many. Cora herself cried bitter tears on the jungle phone, saying she was disappointed in herself but that she simply couldn’t stand the “shitty smoke and the shitty fire” anymore. After a recent corona illness, she had to cough even more, her throat would burn and anyway: she simply doesn’t feel fit enough.

But then the audience listens to the words of Dr. Bob, who sometimes even examined her “twice a day” and said, “There are no medical reasons.” Back in freedom, Cora is confronted with the headlines and also with all of Oliver Pocher’s tips, some of which go far below the belt. “Oli is Oli,” the 47-year-old tries to smile bravely about the injuries. The man she has a “crush” on sometimes makes bad jokes about her. And suddenly there’s this moment where you can really see the sadness in her eyes: “I don’t need a headline from Oli.”

But the speculation doesn’t stop. The reigning jungle queen Djamila Rowe speculates that Cora may have received mail from the Schumacher family. Did she reveal too much in the jungle? Whatever the reasons, viewers and fellow campers had already taken Cora to their hearts. Her loving, caring treatment of Heinz, the vulnerability she radiated, her respectful manner towards the other candidates: one can only guess how far she would have come. She doesn’t deserve that her feelings now have to be used for loud laughs.

Kim attacks Mike and uses daughter “as a weapon”

That can’t exactly be said about Kim. Leyla suspects that because she knows she can’t end up with Mike again, she’s now trying to “f*ck him”. Even Jan Köppen is annoyed by the “same old record forever”. On the fourth day she actually tries to put him to death with private stories. Mike says several times that he has no idea what she’s even talking about. But she nitpicks in a tour. She seems like a stalker who knows exactly what’s going on in his life. “What is your mission?” Mike wants to know. “What do you have to do with the people around me? Do you want airtime?”

Suddenly, when it doesn’t seem possible to make fun of him because he “still lives in the nursery,” she goes a step further and claims that he once “threatened” her. “Lie!” Mike shouts. And now things get extremely embarrassing when she even dares to talk about his relationship with his little daughter. “How pathetic does a person have to be to bring in a small child? (…) Do you have damage to the roof? My daughter wants to use her as a weapon to finish me off!”

Later on the jungle phone, the 31-year-old talks about the stressful situation of seeing his little daughter so rarely and reveals that he sometimes “cries alone.” Not a bad word about the mother, Elena Miras. Yes, Mike was intimate with Kim in a reality format. Or as Fabio would say: “Would you rather have jerked off that evening!”

Wasted millions and ten stars on Leyla

There’s a certain flavor to the way people try to score points in camp. Anya is not above babbling about David Odonkor’s “Liane” in front of an audience of millions (just imagine what would have happened if such sexist chatter had come from a man), Kim is also verbally abusive and Tim asks Cora shortly before she moves out whether her “Corona Boy” is just “big behind the ears or between the legs.”

Then listen to Lucy’s stories. The singer reports on how she squandered her millions. A real rock star life. Raise your cups! Raised six-figure sums a day. Once I went shopping at Armani, once at Dior. On top of that, rented a great house. And when she tells Mike, the trained mechanic, there is no sadness in her heart: “I lived well.” And that is the main thing!

Otherwise, day four is an absolute Leyla day. The lively brunette, who asks Fabio whether men can change their testicles from left to right, has to take part in the “Panodrama” test and collect stars on a climbing frame at an incredible 30 meters high. She practically succeeds – in a walk!

The “Machine” earns ten out of eleven stars. The camp celebrates them. Only Kim doesn’t completely accept the congratulations. Previously, Leyla had shown not only her naive side but also a profound one. She would really like to be married, but she doesn’t know whether it would be so easy for her to become a mother after her cancer (cervical cancer). She wishes it very much.

For David, family comes first. The former national player, who had twelve knee operations, didn’t hesitate for a day with his decision after his career ended: “I wanted to go into the sandpit with my daughter and onto a climbing frame with her.” It was a nice but also a very stressful time when he had so many injuries and had to give up his career at just 32 years old. He adds thoughtfully: Many footballers would pop “tablets” “like lollipops,” but hardly anyone would talk about these things.

Has to take part in the next jungle test – again: Leyla!

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