In order to prevent damage to the company, Hans-Christian Limmer gives up his position as a partner in the well-known burger chain. He is said to have been involved in a meeting of right-wing extremists.

According to a report by the research network “Correctiv”, right-wing extremists met in Potsdam in November to make plans for a so-called “remigration” of immigrants. The partner of the restaurant chain “Hans im Glück”, Hans-Christian Limmer, was among those who invited. The restaurant chain now explained that its shareholder was not present at the event but was nevertheless giving up his shareholder status in the company. He will also step down from this position at the “Pottsalat” chain, in which Limmer is also a shareholder.

“Dr. Limmer was not present at the event in question and told us how dismayed he was at the claims that were made there,” the company writes in its press release. It said it was “surprised and dismayed by the public allegations.”

According to its own information, “Correctiv” received confirmation from a Düsseldorf dentist upon request that he was the “sole organizer” of the meeting. However, the name of Hans-Christian Limmer, previously co-partner of the restaurant chain “Hans im Glück”, was also on the invitation, which was available to “Correctiv” and which the dpa news agency was able to see.

Limmer resigns from partnership status

Limmer had already informed the management, the group of owners and the team in advance of the reporting that these allegations would be made against him and that he had “distanced himself in unequivocal terms from the above-mentioned remigration demands” to “Correctiv,” the company writes in the press release .

In order to prevent damage to the company, Limmer nevertheless offered to give up his partnership status immediately, reports “Hans im Glück”. The company’s co-shareholders therefore accept the offer.

“We were blindsided by the reporting”

The “Pottsalat” restaurant chain also distances itself. A short statement on Facebook reads: “We have nothing to do with the matter published today and have therefore changed our logo as a precautionary measure.” The logo, which was swapped on both the company’s social media channels and website, now features a crossed-out swastika.

“We were taken by surprise by the reporting,” says “Pottsalat” managing director and co-founder Ben Küstner in a statement available to t-online. “I can assure you that Mr. Limmer has never influenced our personnel policy or shaped our company ideologically in any other way,” continued Küstner. Limmer also offered “Pottsalat” to withdraw as a partner in order to prevent damage to the company. The necessary legal preparations have already begun.

According to “Correctiv”, the group in Potsdam, which included actors from the AfD, the “Identitarian Movement” and the CDU-affiliated Values ​​Union, made plans to expel people with a migration background – regardless of whether they have German citizenship – from Germany. The concept of “remigration,” as discussed by the right-wing participants in Potsdam, is unconstitutional. You can read more about this and the meeting here.

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