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Rita Ora oh la la

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In Great Britain, paparazzi often follow singer Rita Ora’s every move. But no one had to go into the bushes with the camera to capture this pop star’s look. The 32-year-old ventured onto the red carpet all by herself in a touch of nothing.

Singer, actress, fashion designer, TV star – Rita Ora now combines a whole range of job descriptions in her person. In addition, she passes – voluntarily or not – as a kind of It girl in her British homeland. In any case, the local tabloid media regularly celebrate when paparazzi get the 32-year-old in front of their lenses again somewhere.

An eye-catcher from all sides. An eye-catcher from all sides.

An eye-catcher from all sides.

(Photo: IMAGO/i Images)

But Rita Ora also does a lot herself to make the photographers diligently press the shutters on their cameras. For example, at a party hosted by British Vogue under the motto “Force for Change,” which was intended to serve as a platform for leaders and stars to discuss social, cultural and political issues.

The full-time singer appeared on the event’s red carpet in an outfit that has some media outlets speculating that it may have been the most daring look she’s ever appeared in public with. Ora wore a dress made of sheer black material that barely covered any of her naked body underneath. Only a few embroidered flower appliqués barely covered the bare essentials.

“You just don’t say no to Rita”

It wasn’t just the photographers and the other guests at the event who probably looked twice. Ora’s husband, the director Taika Waititi, must have also been amazed when his wife left the house like that. “She’s great, you just don’t say no to Rita,” he recently raved about his wife, to whom he has been married since August 2022, on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.” He also revealed that Ora isn’t afraid to take the initiative: “Rita proposed to me and I said yes straight away.”

By the way, in the interview on the occasion of the release of her new album “You & I” in July, Ora herself was unimpressed by all the photos and stories that were published by her in colorful papers: “I don’t read that. That’s it Best thing you can do with it.”

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