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“You’re a bit boring,” Jauch grumbles at the beginning of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” But then the high school teacher driving a Harley-Davidson convinces him. He would like to change their single status. And for a student, he even makes a wave.

“Oh, the joker version,” complained Günther Jauch when the teacher chose three jokers. But there was the host of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” (WWM) got into the wrong place with Sonja Schmarbeck. “You can see it however you want – or a safety version,” said the high school teacher from Salzweg near Passau. When Jauch continued to complain, the single mother with a penchant for low-lying powerhouses finally turned up the heat.

Missed the program?

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“It's a bit boring with you,” complained Jauch as Schmarbeck quickly got through the first few rounds on Monday evening. “It would be nice to hesitate,” wished the moderator when the candidate was able to answer the question about green hydrogen off the cuff for 4,000 euros. And then the teacher had to place one of her jokers in each subsequent round.

Teacher takes risks

Thanks to the help, Schmarbeck knew that Sandra Hülser could win an Oscar for “Anatomy of a Case” on Sunday, that “Lotusblume” can also be spelled “Lotusblume” according to the “Duden” and that Boris Pistorius will appear on the ZDF political barometer from February to December 2023 was named the country's most popular politician.

“We'll just take it now,” said the teacher (English and French) when she was given the choice between the Defense Minister and Markus Söder for her “free shot question”. “I'm almost tempted to take a risk,” the mother of children aged 14 and eleven also played poker in the round for 64,000 euros and was right: the first permanent tooth is a molar and not an incisor.

In between, Jauch wanted to know from the WWM candidate how she had “narrowly failed on several hot nights with Florian Silbereisen”. However, the only thing she could have gotten “hot” back then was from screaming. Schmarbeck revealed that she was born on the same day as the singer and could actually have been born in the same hospital in Passau. Unfortunately, her father headed for a clinic in the opposite direction.

Schmarbeck herself prefers to ride her Harley-Davidson, “Low Rider” model, and might use her winnings to treat herself to a second bike. “Is there a man who is going with us?” asked Jauch. “I wouldn’t have any objection to that now,” said the single teacher. The presenter then encouraged interested viewers to contact RTL. “You know where to write!” said Schmarbeck and ordered a pre-selection of candidates from the station.

“Head feeling” instead of “gut feeling”

The Harley-driving teacher was the winner of the evening with a win of 64,000 euros. Overhang candidate Thomas Strutz from Neuss dropped out at the first question. “I have a gut feeling again,” said the inheritance law specialist. Given the height of the fall, Jauch preferred to have a “head feeling”.

Meanwhile, 25-year-old student Alexander Wilhelm from Dresden made it clear right at the start when Jauch asked that he didn't drive a motorcycle. “Otherwise we could shorten the process,” said the moderator, who was still looking for a partner. The moderator didn't take offense at the fact that Wilhelm also chose the security option. When the student lacked insight into the 200 euro question, Jauch even let a wave of spectators roll through the studio. Because it didn't occur to the painter that the term “perm” was being sought for the never-ending La Ola. With the comparatively simple question of which plural form of truck the dictionary allows besides “trucks” (“trucks”), Wilhelm secured his winnings of 16,000 euros.

Cindy Schlobinsky almost sensed her subsequent crash. The fashion designer from Berlin, who believes in karma, skipped out of the show when asked for 8,000 euros. Jauch wanted to know which one of Luxembourg's three administrative languages ​​is. Shlobinsky chose, of all things, Luxembourgish. We were looking for Dutch (official languages ​​are also German and French).

Near the end of this edition of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” Florian Bindl from Tännesberg, Bavaria, made it onto the hot seat. The 27-year-old journalist from a daily newspaper is only 1.52 meters tall. He was accompanied by a 2.02 meter tall buddy. “That’s noticeable,” said Bindl when Jauch asked about possible disadvantages of his height. The editor will come in next Monday with the 8,000 euro question and all four jokers.

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