Are small colleges capable of producing baseball teams that can compete at the highest level? Can these underdog teams rise against the odds and claim the title in a world series event? Prepare to have your beliefs challenged as the 2024 Small College World Series brings together the best talent from small colleges across the nation. This highly anticipated college baseball tournament is not just a sporting event; it’s a testament to the spirit of amateur athletics and the fierce competition that small colleges can offer.

Location and Schedule

The 2024 Small College World Series will be held in Omaha, Nebraska at Charles Schwab Field. This highly anticipated college baseball tournament, featuring student-athletes from small colleges, will take place over multiple days and showcase thrilling athletic competition.

The schedule includes a series of games starting on June 14, 2024, and culminating in the finals on June 24, 2024. Throughout the tournament, student-athletes will have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and compete in a high-stakes environment to determine the champion of the 2024 college baseball tournament.

Host City DuBois

The Small College World Series is thrilled to have DuBois, Pennsylvania as its host city partner. DuBois has been selected to host the event through the 2023-2024 season, and it has proven to be an excellent choice. With first-class competition fields and top-notch facilities for the participating teams, DuBois provides an ideal setting for this small college sports championship.

The city of DuBois and its residents have wholeheartedly embraced the Small College World Series, making it a highly anticipated event that attracts visitors from all around the country. The warm hospitality and vibrant community spirit create an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. DuBois truly knows how to put on a show for small colleges baseball.

Besides being a thrilling athletic competition, the Small College World Series has a significant economic impact on the host city. The tournament generates hundreds of room nights, boosting tourism and contributing to the local economy. DuBois shines as it welcomes the small colleges baseball community and showcases all that it has to offer.

Benefits of Hosting the Small College World Series in DuBois
First-class competition fields
Top-notch facilities
Warm hospitality
Vibrant community spirit
Economic impact through increased tourism

Tournament Format

The 2024 Small College World Series follows a tournament format, providing an exciting and competitive atmosphere for NCAA small college baseball. The participating teams will engage in a series of high-stakes games, showcasing their skills and determination to advance to the next round. The tournament features a double elimination-style format, ensuring that each team has multiple opportunities to prove themselves on the field.

In this format, a team must lose two games before being eliminated from the tournament. This introduces an added level of intensity and pressure, as every game becomes crucial for the teams vying for the 2024 baseball championship. The double elimination format guarantees that even if a team loses a game, they still have a chance to make a comeback and compete for the title.

With the level of competition and talent on display, the Small College World Series serves as a platform for showcasing the best of competitive college baseball. Participating teams bring their A-game, demonstrating the spirit and tenacity of amateur baseball competition. The tournament sets the stage for thrilling matches and intense battles, captivating both players and spectators alike.

Confirmed Tournament Schedule:

Date Time Matchup
June 14, 2024 1:00 PM Small College A vs. Small College B
June 15, 2024 3:30 PM Small College C vs. Small College D
June 16, 2024 12:00 PM Small College E vs. Small College F
June 17, 2024 2:30 PM Small College G vs. Small College H

NCAA Baseball Postseason

The Small College World Series is an exciting part of the NCAA Baseball postseason. Before teams qualify for the College World Series, a rigorous selection process determines the participants in this prestigious college baseball tournament. The NCAA Baseball Tournament begins with regional rounds, featuring round-robin style tournaments where teams compete against each other.

In these regional rounds, small college sports teams battle it out on the diamond in a display of talent and passion. The top-performing teams from each regional move on to the Super Regionals, where they face off in best-of-three series. These intense matchups determine the winners who will secure their spot in the Small College World Series.

“The NCAA Baseball postseason is an incredible journey for student-athletes who have dedicated countless hours to honing their skills. The regional rounds and Super Regionals showcase the best in small college baseball, providing an unforgettable experience for players and fans alike.”

As the culmination of the NCAA Baseball postseason, the Small College World Series brings together the top teams from across the country. It is a platform for student-athletes to showcase their talent and dedication while competing in an esteemed baseball tournament specifically tailored for small colleges.

History and Tradition

The Small College World Series has a rich history and tradition within collegiate athletics. It has long been recognized as a premier event for showcasing the talent and competitiveness of NCAA Division II baseball. Over the years, the tournament has undergone various changes to enhance the experience for teams and fans alike.

Expansion and Inclusion

One notable development in the history of the Small College World Series is the expansion of the field. Initially, the tournament featured a limited number of participating teams. However, in recent years, the field has expanded to include more schools, allowing for a greater representation of collegiate baseball talent.

This expansion has not only provided more opportunities for teams to showcase their skills but has also created a more inclusive and diverse tournament. Schools of all sizes and regions now have the chance to compete for the championship, highlighting the depth and breadth of talent in the small college baseball scene.

The Introduction of the Super Regional Round

Another significant development in the history of the Small College World Series is the introduction of the Super Regional round. This round was added to the tournament format to increase competition and excitement leading up to the championship.

The Super Regional round features intense matchups between the top-performing teams from the regional rounds. These matchups often produce thrilling baseball and showcase the highest level of skill and strategy. The addition of the Super Regional round has raised the overall competitiveness and prestige of the tournament, further solidifying its status as a college sports championship event.

A Symbol of Excellence

The Small College World Series has become synonymous with excellence in collegiate athletics. It represents the pinnacle of achievement for small college baseball teams and serves as a platform for showcasing the talent and dedication of student-athletes across the country.

Every year, teams and schools compete fiercely for the opportunity to be crowned the national champion in small college baseball. The tournament brings together the best of the best, highlighting the passion and determination of these athletes and the institutions they represent.

The Small College World Series is a testament to the enduring legacy of collegiate athletics and the importance of showcasing the talent and competitive spirit that thrives within small colleges. It is a celebration of the history and tradition of NCAA Division II baseball and a reminder of the remarkable accomplishments that can be achieved through hard work and dedication.

Broadcasting and Coverage

The Small College World Series is an exhilarating event that captivates audiences nationwide. To ensure that fans don’t miss a moment of the action, the tournament is broadcasted on various platforms, including ESPN and ESPN2. The live coverage allows fans from all corners of the country to witness the exceptional talent and skills of student-athletes competing in this prestigious tournament.

The coverage of the Small College World Series goes beyond the games themselves. It includes pre-game analyses, providing insights into the teams and players participating in the tournament. During the games, experienced commentators provide in-game analysis, offering valuable perspectives on the strategies, performances, and dynamics unfolding on the field. And post-game analyses dissect the outcomes and noteworthy moments, creating a comprehensive showcase of the participating teams and players.

The Small College World Series serves as a platform for aspiring college athletes to showcase their talents and impress not only college scouts but also a nationwide audience. It is a student-athlete showcase that brings the brightest talents to the forefront and provides them with a national spotlight to shine upon. For college world series qualifiers, the Small College World Series is the pinnacle of their amateur baseball journey, where they have the opportunity to compete against the best and prove their mettle.

With its comprehensive broadcasting and extensive coverage, the Small College World Series thrills fans, highlights the dedication and skill of student-athletes, and captures the essence of amateur baseball championship.

Small College World Series Coverage Details

Broadcasting Channel Coverage Details
ESPN Live game broadcasts, pre-game analysis, in-game commentary, and post-game analysis
ESPN2 Live game broadcasts, pre-game analysis, in-game commentary, and post-game analysis

Economic Impact

The Small College World Series has a significant economic impact on the host city and surrounding areas. As a highly anticipated event for small colleges and an upcoming baseball series, the tournament attracts visitors from across the country, resulting in increased tourism and economic activity.

During the tournament, hotels, restaurants, and shops experience a surge in business, benefiting from the influx of visitors. Local establishments provide services and products to attendees, contributing to the overall economic growth of the region.

The popularity of the Small College World Series as a small school baseball tournament fosters a sense of pride in the local area. Communities come together to support their respective teams, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere throughout the event. This community engagement further amplifies the economic impact, as residents and visitors alike contribute to the local economy through their attendance and participation.

“The Small College World Series is not just an event for small colleges; it is a catalyst for economic growth and community unity.” – [Author Name]

The economic benefits generated by the Small College World Series make it an invaluable event for the host city and a highly anticipated small colleges baseball event. The tournament’s enduring legacy lies not only in its on-field action but also in its ability to stimulate economic growth and enhance community spirit.


The 2024 Small College World Series is an upcoming sports event that promises to be a thrilling university baseball tournament and small college sports showcase. This national championship brings together the best of small college baseball, providing a platform for student-athletes to display their skills and dedication. As one of the most anticipated sporting events of 2024, the Small College World Series will bring communities together and celebrate the spirit of amateur athletics.

From June 14 to June 24, 2024, mark your calendars to witness the intense competition and talent on display at this upcoming sporting event. As the participating teams vie for the national small college championship, spectators can expect to see exciting baseball action and future college baseball stars in the making. The Small College World Series is not only about the competition but also about fostering a sense of pride and unity among small colleges across the nation.

As the Small College World Series approaches, be prepared to support your favorite teams and embrace the camaraderie that comes with this showcase of small college athletics. This 2024 sports event is not one to miss, so join the excitement and cheer on the student-athletes as they compete in this prestigious university baseball tournament. Get ready for a memorable experience that highlights the talent and determination found in small college sports.


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