Axel Milberg before “Tatort” exit
Klaus Borowski is filming his last case

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They're actually supposed to investigate deaths. But at the “crime scene” the big detective death is taking place. One of those who will soon be quitting their job is Axel Milberg, alias Klaus Borowski. Now the filming of his final case begins.

Actor Axel Milberg is in front of the camera for the very last time in his previous star role as “Tatort” detective Klaus Borowski. As Norddeutsche Rundfunk (NDR) announced, filming for its last Sunday evening crime drama will start on January 23rd in Kiel and Hamburg. The final scene should be finished on February 21st. “Borowski and the Head of Medusa” is scheduled to air in 2025.

Those responsible have also already announced how Borowski, portrayed by Milberg, will leave office. Accordingly, the odd investigator is preparing for his imminent retirement. The commissioner is thinking about a “long journey,” which is why he wants to extend his passport at the citizens’ office. There, of all places, he gets caught up in an “outrageous case” that affects him personally and forces him to “race against time.” As a result, the whole of Kiel will be placed in a state of emergency.

In addition to Milberg, his well-known team, which mainly consists of Almila Bagriacik and Thomas Kügel, will also be in action. August Diehl will also be seen in a leading role.

From “steel network” to “crime scene”

It was already announced in March 2023 that Axel Milberg would pass on the baton as “crime scene” commissioner. The 67-year-old's successor is already dry. Colleague Mila Sahin (Bagriacik) will be at the center of the investigation in Kiel in the future, who has been investigating alongside Borowski since 2018. Who will ultimately be part of their team has not yet been revealed.

The character of Klaus Borowski was initially created for the now canceled crime series “Stahlnetz”. After the series was discontinued, Milberg moved to the “Tatort” cosmos in 2003. 40 Borowski episodes have been broadcast so far, most recently “Borowski and the Innocent Child from Wacken” aired on November 26, 2023 on First.

The Borowski crime novels received a particular response with exceptional actor Lars Eidinger in the role of the sinister killer Kai Korthals as Milberg's opponent. A total of three “crime scenes” were filmed with Milberg and Eidinger, which were broadcast in 2012, 2015 and 2021.


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