The collective bargaining dispute continues: They ended their strike just a week ago, and now the pilots of the Lufthansa subsidiary Discover want to stop working again.

Because of a new pilot strike, passengers of the Lufthansa subsidiary Discover must expect cancellations and delays on Sunday and Monday. The pilots' union Verband Cockpit (VC) called on its members to stop work from Sunday 12:01 a.m. to Monday 11:59 p.m. Exploratory talks with the employer about resuming negotiations had no result on Friday, the VC explained in an information to the members on Friday.

The airline still has not submitted a negotiable offer. “The negotiations have therefore failed and cannot be continued under the intolerable conditions demanded by the employer,” the VC collective bargaining commission informed the employees. People were surprised at the management's approach because the Swiss holiday airline Edelweiss had a solid collective employment agreement within the group. In view of the lack of progress in the negotiations, a new strike announcement is the last resort.


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Third strike in two months

In the dispute over the initial conclusion of collective agreements for the approximately 400 employees in the cockpit, there is a strike for the third time in almost two months.

The January strike led to some flight cancellations for the airline, which operates a total of 24 aircraft and flies short-haul flights on behalf of the parent company Lufthansa in Munich. Lufthansa itself took over these flights for the day of the strike. The VC and the cabin union UFO, which was also involved, were very satisfied after the industrial action. The participation of the workforce in the cockpit and cabin was overwhelming; A number of flights either did not take place as planned or were not carried out at all.

Lufthansa is negotiating with several employee groups

The Lufthansa Group's holiday airline was initially launched in the Corona summer of 2021 under the name “Eurowings Discover” and was later renamed “Discover Airlines”. It should be cheaper than the Lufthansa core brand and compete with holiday airlines like the Condor.

Lufthansa is currently negotiating working conditions and pay with several groups of employees in different group companies. On the Discover there are conflicts with the pilots and cabin crew. At parent company Lufthansa, flight attendants and ground staff have already threatened warning strikes. In addition, labor disputes at service providers, such as those recently at security checkpoints and ground services, are restricting air traffic.

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