Boeing is again having problems with the 737 MAX model. Now a nut is said to be missing from a rudder bolt.

The aircraft manufacturer Boeing has again discovered a defect in one of its jets. FAA inspectors are concerned about a bolt in the rudder control system of the 737 MAX model. She urged operators of certain models to inspect certain tie rods used to control rudder movements for loss of parts. An international airline had previously noticed a missing nut on a bolt during routine maintenance.

According to the Reuters news agency, Boeing itself discovered another undelivered aircraft in which a mother was not properly tightened. “The issue identified with the aircraft in question has been resolved,” Boeing said. “Out of an abundance of caution, we encourage operators to inspect their 737 MAX aircraft and report any findings to us. We have informed the FAA and our customers and will continue to keep them updated on progress,” it said in a statement .

Model was out of circulation for 20 months

The rudder controls the position of an aircraft’s nose during flight. Inspections include removing a panel and verifying that parts and bolts were installed properly, Boeing said. The 737 MAX was grounded worldwide for 20 months after two fatal crashes in Ethiopia and Indonesia in 2018 and 2019 killed 346 people. Boeing is still waiting for certification of its smaller 737 MAX 7 and larger MAX 10.

Investors reacted disappointedly to the news. The Boeing price fell by almost one percent at the end of the Dow.

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