Grandpa is not Matthias Reim
Singer Michelle becomes a grandmother for the first time

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At the age of 52, singer Michelle becomes a grandmother for the first time. However, she doesn't have her daughter Marie to thank for this, who has just taken part in the preliminary round of the Eurovision Song Contest, but rather her eldest child Céline. Accordingly, Matthias Reim is not the grandfather.

Michelle's life has been going really well for some time now, not least because of her relationship with Schlager colleague Eric Philippi. The fact that he is 25 years younger than her caused quite a stir – even though age should of course not play a role in love matters. Nevertheless, manager Markus Krampe accused the singer of being “blind with love” and stopped working with her. Michelle, in turn, explained a little later that she was fed up with the music business and wanted to withdraw from the spotlight sooner or later.

But there have also been positive events in the pop star's life recently. Michelle must have been very proud when her daughter Marie competed in the German preliminary round for the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) in mid-February. Although it wasn't enough for the 23-year-old to win with her song “Naiv”, the survival of the hit dynasty seems to be assured: Marie is Michelle's daughter with “Damn, I love you” bard Matthias Reim.

Now Michelle can look forward to another ray of hope. This time, however, it is not Marie who gives her the gift, but rather her eldest daughter Céline Oberloher. As the portal “” reports, Michelle personally announced the good news during an appearance in Stadtallendorf: Céline is pregnant and will make her mother a grandma for the first time – at just 52 years old.

The grandfather is ex-Wind singer Albert Oberloher

As the last name suggests, Céline is not from Michelle's relationship with Matthias Reim. Rather, the aspiring theater actress emerged from her mother's first marriage to Albert Oberloher in 1997. But her father is not entirely unknown either: Oberloher used to be the singer of the Wind band, which became known not least because of its multiple ESC participation.

In addition to Marie and Céline, Michelle also has another daughter – by a third man. Baby Mia-Carolin was born in 2008 during the singer's marriage to business manager Josef Shitawey, which lasted from 2007 to 2010. In other words, girl power dominates Michelle's home. Will her first grandchild be a girl again? We'll definitely find out soon.


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