The history of the bakery goes back to 1918. But now the Gehri chain from the Black Forest had to close.

A traditional bakery chain has to close permanently. The Gehri company, based in Titisee-Neustadt in the Upper Black Forest, had to declare bankruptcy last year. But then there were also deficiencies in hygiene. The company had 20 branches.

According to a report by “”, there were several checks by the economic control service last year. Various cleanliness violations were discovered. A few days ago, the SWR reported that a further inspection has now sealed the end of the operation. A severe pest infestation was found in the production facility in Titisee-Neustadt and the production of baked goods was prohibited. The previously baked products have been recalled.

“A resumption of production and branches at a later date is not possible for financial reasons,” said a statement from the insolvency administrator, the Pluta law firm, according to SWR. All 160 employees had to be laid off.

Founded in 1918

The company can look back on a long tradition. It all started with a business owned by the Bachtaler family that opened in 1918. Their sons did not return from the war and so master baker Andreas Gehri took over the company, which was then still based in Lörrach Stetten. After the Second World War, the children took over the business. They later moved to the Black Forest, and in 1989 management was handed over to Ulrich Gehri and his brother-in-law Thomas Schuble.


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The bakery's managing director, Thomas Schuble, expressed his concern to SWR. The previous closures due to the defects would have cost him 250,000 euros and a lot of food would have had to be destroyed. In addition, sales stopped as a result. The company also had to struggle with high energy and material costs, and customers also bought baked goods less often.

There was a brief hope when an investor was apparently found – but their interest is likely to be over after the officially ordered closure. The insolvency proceedings initiated by the company itself have now been converted into regular proceedings.

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