Almost as old as her stepfather
Daughter chats about Brigitte Macron's love

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Brigitte Macron brings three children with her when she marries Emmanuel, who is 25 years her junior. The French First Lady's youngest daughter talks about how scandalous her mother's love story was in the French provinces.

Tiphaine Auzière, Brigitte Macron's youngest daughter, chats in a rare interview about the scandalous love of her mother and her stepfather, French President Emmanuel Macron. Not only the age difference of almost 25 years, but also the circumstances were sensational at the time. Emmanuel Macron, now 46, was still an underage student and married to Brigitte Macron when the two fell in love. This left its mark on her three children.

Brigitte Macron with her daughters Laurence (l) and Tiphaine (r). Brigitte Macron with her daughters Laurence (l) and Tiphaine (r).

Brigitte Macron with her daughters Laurence (l) and Tiphaine (r).

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The 70-year-old Brigitte Macron, formerly Brigitte Auzière, was Emmanuel Macron's teacher at the time and headed the theater group. They met there. Macron was just 17 years old and in the same class as Tiphaine's older sister Laurence when rumors of an affair first emerged. Macron is said to have rang the Auzières' doorbell regularly. The family lived in “a small town in the provinces” where word got around.

Tiphaine Auzière, 40, who, in addition to her sister Laurence, also has an older brother Sébastien, told the French magazine “Paris Match” that “the attacks, the slander, the judgments” were difficult and hurtful for her. She still remembers the separation of her married parents as “painful”. “With a peculiarity like this, it is even more painful,” said Auzière.

“I called him the UFO”

Although Emmanuel Macron was the reason for her parents' divorce, the now-lawyer didn't say a bad word about her stepfather, who is only six years older than her. He was so “brilliant” and “loving” in his dealings with her, her siblings and her mother. For her he was always “the big one”. She herself called Macron “the UFO,” she says.

Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron have been married since 2007. Since they had no children together, Macron devoted himself to his wife's offspring. He also helped his stepdaughter Tiphaine during her law studies, both of whom studied at the Lycée la Providence. In 2009, Macron was even there when Tiphaine was sworn in as a lawyer. The 40-year-old summed up: “A family separation can be a heartache and an opportunity.” As a result, she had a father and a stepfather and can therefore say today: “A new composition can be an enrichment.”

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