Swede is sick
Princess Sofia has to cancel her appearance at short notice

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After Kate and Charles in Great Britain, there is also a report of illness among the Swedish royals: Princess Sofia cannot take part in a sports gala and is canceling at short notice. Unlike the British, however, she does not require an operation.

An important face is missing from this year's Swedish sports gala “Idrottsgalan”. As “Svensk Damtidning” reports, Princess Sofia of Sweden is not taking part in the evening's event for health reasons. According to the Swedish newspaper, the wife of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden is suffering from a “severe cold”.

The younger, sports-loving royals Princess Sofia, Prince Carl Philip and Prince Daniel usually do the honors at the annual Swedish sports awards. But this year everything is going to be different – and at very short notice.

“Unfortunately, the princess had to cancel due to a severe cold. Out of consideration for the other guests, Sofia is staying at home,” Johan Tegel, the court's deputy information director, told Svensk Damtidning.

Princess Sofia's illness was only reported to the organizers of the sports gala on the day of the event. Prince Daniel and Prince Carl Philip therefore stay to themselves during the gala event. As planned, the two royals are to present two prizes on site. The husband of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden will honor the Swedish athlete of the year.

Cases of illness in Great Britain

Recently, illnesses in the British royal family also attracted attention. Princess Kate is in a clinic and will not be able to attend public appointments again until after Easter after her abdominal operation.

King Charles is also undergoing surgery. The monarch is due to undergo a medical procedure next week for an enlarged prostate. However, apparently only a short break is necessary.

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