Welcome to the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis! As a celebration of sustainability, environmental awareness, and the power of music and arts, this event is a must-attend community gathering. It’s an annual tradition on the scenic UC Davis campus, where students take the lead in organizing and executing this sustainable and eco-friendly festival.

At the Whole Earth Festival, you’ll experience a vibrant showcase of eco-friendly practices and engage with like-minded individuals who are passionate about creating a greener future. With its rich history dating back to 1969, this event has evolved into a significant platform for raising environmental consciousness and promoting sustainable living.

Our festival focuses on showcasing a diverse range of music genres, arts exhibits, interactive workshops, and outdoor activities that foster a sense of community and inspire sustainable practices. The Whole Earth Festival has something for everyone, from live music performances to educational sessions and local vendors offering sustainable products and services.

This year, as we look forward to UC Davis 2024, we are thrilled to continue the tradition of student involvement, where the creativity and dedication of our students shine through. This festival is a testament to their passion for making a difference and serves as a platform to showcase their innovative ideas and initiatives.

Join us at the Whole Earth Festival – UC Davis 2024 and immerse yourself in a one-of-a-kind experience that celebrates sustainability, promotes environmental awareness, and brings our community together. Let’s create a greener future, one festival at a time!

A Family Friendly & Zero-Waste Event

The Whole Earth Festival is a family-friendly event that creates a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for attendees of all ages. This annual tradition, held on the UC Davis campus, promotes sustainability and environmental awareness through a variety of engaging activities.

No Drugs Policy

To ensure a safe and drug-free environment, the festival strictly enforces a no drug policy. This includes alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and other substances. By creating a drug-free space, the festival aims to provide a positive and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance.

Zero-Waste Practices

The Whole Earth Festival is committed to minimizing its environmental impact by implementing zero-waste practices. Attendees are encouraged to actively participate in recycling and composting efforts by utilizing the designated bins throughout the event. This collective effort helps divert waste from landfills and promotes a more sustainable future.

When & Where

The Whole Earth Festival is an annual event that takes place on Mother’s Day weekend, specifically from May 12-14, 2023. The festival is held on the UC Davis Quad, a spacious and vibrant outdoor area on the UC Davis campus in Davis, California.

During the festival, attendees can immerse themselves in a lively atmosphere filled with music, art, and interactive experiences that promote sustainability and environmental awareness.

Here are the festival hours:

  • Friday: 12:00 PM – 10:00 PM
  • Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Sunday: 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Transportation and Parking

The Whole Earth Festival encourages attendees to explore alternative forms of transportation to reduce carbon emissions and congestion. May is Bike Month, making it the perfect time to hop on a bike and ride to the festival. Biking not only helps the environment but also allows you to enjoy a scenic journey to the UC Davis Quad.

In addition, free transportation options are available for undergraduate students. Unitrans and Yolobus provide convenient and eco-friendly transportation services to and from the festival.

For those driving to the festival, parking on the UC Davis campus is free outside specified hours. Alternative free parking options can also be found throughout the city of Davis, ensuring that attendees have convenient access to the event.

Transportation OptionsParking Information
  • Biking – May is Bike Month
  • Unitrans – Free for undergraduate students
  • Yolobus – Free for undergraduate students
  • Free parking on the UC Davis campus outside specified hours
  • Alternative free parking available throughout the city of Davis

Student Involvement & Campus Initiatives

The Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis is more than just a community event – it is a testament to the power of student initiatives and campus involvement in driving environmental consciousness and sustainable practices. As a student-run event, the festival showcases the passion and dedication of UC Davis students in organizing and executing a successful and impactful event.

Students play a crucial role in planning various aspects of the festival, from programming engaging activities to implementing sustainability initiatives. The festival serves as a platform for students to showcase their innovative ideas and projects centered around environmental awareness and sustainable living.

UC Davis is committed to supporting its students in their endeavors, providing resources and guidance to help them create a festival that reflects their vision for a greener future. Through their involvement in the Whole Earth Festival, UC Davis students are not only gaining valuable experience in event management, but also actively contributing to the campus and community’s environmental consciousness.

Student Involvement & Campus Initiatives
Key AspectsDescription
OrganizersUC Davis students
InvolvementPlanning and executing the festival
ProgrammingCrafting engaging activities
Sustainability InitiativesPromoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices
Student ProjectsShowcasing ideas for a greener future
Support from UC DavisProviding resources and guidance for success

Festival Attractions: Music, Arts, Workshops & More

The Whole Earth Festival offers a diverse range of attractions to engage attendees in a meaningful way. Here is a comprehensive overview of the various offerings at the festival:

Live Music

Live music performances are a highlight of the Whole Earth Festival, with multiple stages throughout the venue hosting a variety of genres and celebrating the talent of diverse musicians. From upbeat bands to soulful solo acts, there’s something for every music lover to enjoy.

Art Exhibits and Installations

Art plays a central role in showcasing sustainable practices and environmental awareness at the festival. Attendees can immerse themselves in thought-provoking art exhibits and installations, where artists express their ideas and interpretations of sustainability through various mediums.

Interactive Workshops and Educational Sessions

For those looking to learn new skills and deepen their knowledge of sustainable practices, the festival offers a range of interactive workshops and educational sessions. These sessions cover topics such as organic gardening, upcycling, renewable energy, and more, fostering a sense of environmental consciousness and empowering attendees to make positive changes in their own lives.

Local Vendors Offering Sustainable Products and Services

One of the highlights of the Whole Earth Festival is the opportunity to support local vendors who prioritize sustainability. From eco-friendly clothing and accessories to organic and locally sourced food, attendees can explore a wide array of sustainable products and services that align with their values.

Outdoor Activities and Engagements with Nature

To truly embrace the spirit of the festival and connect with nature, attendees can participate in various outdoor activities. From yoga and meditation sessions to nature walks and environmental workshops, these activities provide opportunities for physical engagement and a deeper appreciation of our natural surroundings.

In the words of festival-goer Jane Dawson: “The Whole Earth Festival is not just a festival – it’s a community gathering where like-minded individuals come together to celebrate music, art, and a shared commitment to sustainability.”

These diverse attractions make the Whole Earth Festival a vibrant and inclusive event, offering something for everyone while fostering a sense of environmental consciousness and community gathering.

Live MusicMultiple stages featuring diverse genres and talented musicians
Art Exhibits and InstallationsShowcasing artists’ interpretations of sustainability
Interactive Workshops and Educational SessionsSkills-building and knowledge-sharing sessions on sustainable practices
Local Vendors Offering Sustainable Products and ServicesEco-friendly clothing, organic food, and more
Outdoor Activities and Engagements with NatureYoga, meditation, nature walks, and environmental workshops

Sustainable Living & Eco-Conscious Vendors

The Whole Earth Festival is committed to promoting sustainable living and showcasing eco-conscious vendors who offer a wide range of natural and organic products. At the festival, attendees can explore a variety of eco-friendly options, from clothing and accessories to home goods and wellness items. These products are sourced from vendors who prioritize sustainability and environmentally friendly practices.

“We believe that sustainable living goes beyond just a lifestyle choice. It’s about making a positive impact on the planet and supporting businesses that share our values,” says Jane Davis, a festival organizer.

One of the highlights of the Whole Earth Festival is its diverse selection of organic food vendors. These vendors serve up delicious and healthy options, using locally sourced and organic ingredients. Festival-goers can enjoy a range of mouthwatering dishes that promote sustainable and conscious eating choices. From farm-to-table cuisine to vegan and vegetarian options, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

“We strive to create a sustainable food culture at the festival by focusing on organic and locally sourced ingredients. It’s not just about offering delicious food, but also educating people about the importance of sustainable farming practices,” explains Michael Adams, a food vendor at the festival.

By supporting these eco-conscious vendors, attendees contribute to the overall sustainability of the Whole Earth Festival. The festival serves as a platform for these businesses to showcase their products and ideas, encouraging others to adopt sustainable practices in their everyday lives.

Featured Vendors and Products

EarthWearOrganic clothing made from sustainable materials
Nature’s TouchAll-natural skincare products
Green HomeEco-friendly home goods and cleaning products
Farm FreshLocally sourced fruits, vegetables, and dairy products
Green BeanOrganic and fair-trade coffee

These are just a few examples of the eco-conscious vendors and products that can be found at the Whole Earth Festival. Each vendor offers unique and sustainable products that align with the festival’s mission of promoting sustainable living.

By supporting these vendors, attendees not only contribute to the festival’s sustainability goals but also gain access to high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Together, we can make a difference in our individual choices and create a more sustainable future.

Transportation & Parking Options

To reduce the carbon footprint of the Whole Earth Festival, we encourage attendees to utilize alternative transportation methods, such as biking. May is Bike Month, and we promote biking as a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation to and from the event. In addition, undergraduate students can take advantage of free transportation options provided by Unitrans & Yolobus, with extended hours on certain days.

For those who prefer to drive, free parking is available outside specified hours on the UC Davis campus. Alternatively, there are alternative free parking options throughout the city of Davis, ensuring that festival-goers have convenient access to the event.

Festival Policies: Dogs & Tree Climbing

At the Whole Earth Festival, we strive to create a dog-friendly and environmentally conscious event, prioritizing the safety and well-being of all attendees and the environment. To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we have certain festival policies in place.

Dog-Friendly Event

We welcome dogs to the Whole Earth Festival; however, we kindly request that all dogs be kept on a leash at all times. This policy is in place to ensure the safety of other festival goers as well as other dogs attending the event. By having dogs on leashes, we can create a secure and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Please note that dog owners are responsible for their pets’ behavior and must maintain control over them throughout the festival. This includes cleaning up after them and ensuring they are not disruptive to other festival attendees.

Tree Climbing Policy

As a favor to the trees and to preserve their integrity, we kindly ask attendees not to climb the trees within the festival area. Our goal is to maintain the health and well-being of the trees while also ensuring the safety of festival goers. By refraining from climbing the trees, we can protect the natural beauty of the festival surroundings and maintain a safe environment for all.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these festival policies. They are in place to create a harmonious and enjoyable experience for all attendees while prioritizing sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Festival PoliciesDetails
Dog-Friendly EventDogs must be on a leash at all times
 Owners are responsible for their pets’ behavior
 Clean up after your dog
Tree Climbing PolicyNo climbing trees within the festival area

Festival Information & Social Media

For any inquiries or assistance during the festival, visitors can visit the Festival Dome, located at the northeast corner of the Quad. The Festival Dome serves as the information hub, providing guidance and answering any questions attendees may have. Additionally, the festival’s website features an FAQ page where visitors can find answers to commonly asked questions.

If you want to stay updated with the latest news and announcements about the Whole Earth Festival, you can follow us on our social media platforms. Connect with us on Instagram and Facebook to get access to behind-the-scenes content, highlights from the festival, and important information about the event.

“The Whole Earth Festival is not just an event; it’s a celebration of sustainability, community, and creativity. We want attendees to have a seamless experience and find all the information they need. That’s why we have the Festival Dome as a one-stop information center and an FAQ page on our website. We also leverage social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook to keep our community engaged and informed. Join us online and become a part of the Whole Earth Festival family!” – Festival Organizer

Contact InformationEmail: [email protected]Phone: 123-456-7890
LocationThe Festival DomeUC Davis QuadNortheast corner
Festival Websitewww.wholeearthfestival.org
Social Media
  • Instagram: @wholeearthfest
  • Facebook: Whole Earth Festival

The Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis is a beloved annual tradition that combines sustainability, environmental awareness, music, and arts to create a vibrant and engaging event. Showcasing the passion and dedication of UC Davis students, the festival exemplifies their commitment to promoting eco-friendly practices and fostering community involvement.

Through captivating live music performances, thought-provoking art exhibitions, interactive workshops, and a wide array of activities, the Whole Earth Festival encourages attendees to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and support local vendors and initiatives. It serves as a platform for individuals to learn about and engage with sustainable practices, ultimately creating a positive impact on our environment and society.

The Whole Earth Festival is not just a music and arts festival; it is a celebration of environmental consciousness and a testament to the power of coming together as a community. By participating in this event, attendees contribute to a collective effort to promote sustainability and inspire positive change. The festival’s student-run nature and active campus involvement make it a true representation of UC Davis’s commitment to a greener future.

Join us at the Whole Earth Festival at UC Davis 2024 and experience the magic of this community-driven celebration of sustainability, environmental awareness, music, and arts. Together, let us create a brighter and more sustainable future for ourselves and future generations.


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