The great jungle puzzle
Why is Cora Schumacher out?

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Cora Schumacher is no longer “in the jungle,” as Sonja Zietlow would probably put it. The presenter was also surprised by the 47-year-old's departure from camp. The guesswork as to why Schumacher gave up is in full swing.

The fans of the jungle camp were surprised twice on Sunday evening. On the one hand, the unusually short broadcast time of the third episode of season 17, which gave way to NFL coverage after just 45 minutes. On the other hand, there was the bad news that presenter Sonja Zietlow delivered at the very end of the show: Cora Schumacher said the damned sentence “I'm a star – get me out of here!” said – and thus left the camp voluntarily.

During the first few days of her stay in the jungle, the 47-year-old catapulted herself high up in the audience's popularity rankings. After all, she not only cared for the needs and worries of her fellow campaigners. She also poured out her own heart – when it came to her difficult relationship with her ex Ralf Schumacher, but also with questions about her fling with Oliver Pocher.

The mystery is now even more intense: What drove the former racing driver to rush away from the camp so quickly? Even Sonja Zietlow has to admit that she was caught off guard by Cora Schumacher's decision. “I thought she actually did well,” was her assessment. “I wish she hadn't necessarily talked about Ralf – that would have suited her better,” the moderator said a little. In any case, Cora Schumacher's premature retirement is “a shame for her.”

Did Lucy's words trigger her?

Jörg Kunze, who accompanied Cora Schumacher to Australia as her best friend, also reacted with consternation to the news of her leaving the camp: “I'm totally shocked, totally sad.” A trigger for him could have been statements made by fellow camper Lucy Diakovska, who had reflected on the difficult relationship with her mother in the jungle. “I think that Lucy's emotions triggered her. I think she then thought about her own history, about her relationship with the family,” he says in the RTL interview.

Cora Schumacher also has no contact with her mother. In addition, the relationship with her own son is currently not easy, as she herself indicated at the camp. Kunze believes his girlfriend may regret her voluntary move out. In any case, she will be “shocked” by “how positively” she was received.

Was it primarily mental problems that caused Cora Schumacher to throw in the towel? Or, as the “Bild” newspaper speculates, were there also physical complaints? There will probably only be a definite answer to this on Monday evening at 10.15 p.m., when RTL and RTL+ review “Day 4 in the Jungle”.

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