Surprise in the live show
Cora Schumacher leaves the jungle camp

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Cora Schumacher manages to shine at the jungle camp with insights into her life. For example, she hints at an affair with Oliver Pocher or gives insights into her marriage to Ralf Schumacher. Now she unexpectedly leaves the jungle camp.

That's the end of the matter for them: Shortly before the third live show, Cora Schumacher said the sentence “I'm a star – get me out of here” and left the camp at her own request. Everything else about the voluntary move-out will be available in the next live show. As soon as the gates to the camp opened for the first time, Cora Schumacher attracted attention. For example, she hinted that she was having an affair with Oliver Pocher. On the jungle phone she said: “Amira has Christian, the beautiful one, and I have Olli, the funny one.”

On the second day she made a confession about her ex-husband Ralf Schumacher. She emphasized that she married him out of love. Accordingly, he was her sandbox love. However, she now has doubts about his feelings at the time: “I married him out of love. I'm not so sure about him.”

She then gave insights into her marriage at the time. “I was always honest with him. The other way around I would say: No. During this long time I have often been put down. It was things like: 'Can you dress properly?'” She then speaks about her son with tears who she no longer has any contact with. “The contact with David was back again. The contact broke off at the same time as he broke off with Ralf,” she said, but didn't elaborate.

Shortly after Schumacher's departure became known, the streaming platform RTL+ was overloaded. The problem should be resolved quickly.

“I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!” can be seen daily on RTL from January 19th to February 4th. Start times vary. The show is of course also available on RTL+.


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