Welcome to The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, the ultimate home and garden event that brings together all the inspiration and ideas you need to create your dream living space. From interior design showcases to gardening tips and home improvement trends, this event has something for everyone.

Are you looking for fresh ideas to spruce up your home? Our interior design showcase features the latest trends in home decor, providing you with endless inspiration to transform your space. Whether you prefer modern minimalism or cozy traditional styles, you’ll find plenty of design ideas to suit your taste.

If you have a green thumb or aspire to be a gardening wizard, our gardening tips and workshops will help you master the art of nurturing plants and creating beautiful outdoor landscapes. From landscape architecture ideas to sustainable gardening practices, our experts will share their knowledge and answer all your gardening questions.

Home improvement enthusiasts will find a wealth of inspiration at our show. Discover the latest trends in home renovation and get expert advice on transforming your living space. From DIY projects to innovative home technologies, you’ll find everything you need to make your home more beautiful and functional.

Step into the world of outdoor living and explore our wide range of exhibitors showcasing the best in outdoor furniture, decor, and accessories. Whether you’re creating a cozy patio retreat or designing a spacious backyard oasis, you’ll find the inspiration and products to make your outdoor living dreams a reality.

Get your creative juices flowing with our DIY projects and workshops. Whether you’re a seasoned DIYer or just starting out, our hands-on sessions will teach you new skills and empower you to tackle your home improvement projects with confidence. From woodworking to crafting, there’s something for every DIY enthusiast.

At The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, we also emphasize the importance of sustainable living. Discover eco-friendly solutions and learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life. From renewable energy options to sustainable materials, we’ll show you how to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising style.

Join us at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 and be ready to be inspired. Mark your calendars and plan your visit to experience the latest home and garden trends, gather valuable tips, and connect with experts in the field. Your dream home awaits!

Explore a Wide Range of Exhibitors

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 offers an impressive lineup of exhibitors, creating a hub of inspiration and possibilities for homeowners and gardening enthusiasts alike. With a diverse array of experts and vendors, this event showcases the latest trends, products, and services in the home and garden industry.

Home and Garden Expo

At the Home and Garden Expo section, you’ll find industry-leading vendors specializing in home improvement, interior design, and outdoor living. Discover innovative solutions for your next remodeling project, from sustainable materials to cutting-edge technologies.

Home Improvement Show

The Home Improvement Show section brings together professionals skilled in renovations, repairs, and home maintenance. Connect with experts who can provide valuable insights and guidance to transform your living space, making the most of every square inch.

Home and Garden Vendors

Step into the world of home and garden vendors to explore an extensive range of products and services. From furniture and décor to garden tools and accessories, you’ll find everything you need to enhance your living space and create a picturesque garden retreat.

Garden Show

The Garden Show section caters to green thumbs and gardening enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned landscape designer or just starting your gardening journey, there’s something for everyone. Discover new plants, learn expert gardening techniques, and get inspired to create breathtaking outdoor spaces.

Home Decor Exhibition

Immerse yourself in the Home Decor Exhibition area, where interior design takes center stage. Explore the latest trends in home décor, from color schemes and furniture to lighting and accessories. Connect with talented designers who can help you transform your living spaces into stylish havens.

With so much to explore and discover, The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 guarantees an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re seeking practical solutions for home improvement or seeking inspiration for your garden, this event is a must-visit destination.

SectionVendorsProducts & Services
Home and Garden ExpoLeading industry vendorsHome improvement, interior design, outdoor living products
Home Improvement ShowHome improvement expertsRenovation, repair, and maintenance services
Home and Garden VendorsDiverse range of vendorsFurniture, décor, garden tools, accessories
Garden ShowGarden suppliersPlants, gardening tools, landscaping expertise
Home Decor ExhibitionTalented designersInterior design services, home décor products

Get Inspired by Interior Design Trends

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is your ultimate destination for interior design inspiration. Step into a world of creativity and explore the latest home décor trends, all under one roof. Whether you’re planning to revamp your living room or give your kitchen a fresh new look, this event is a treasure trove of ideas.

Immerse yourself in a showcase of interior design brilliance, curated by professional designers who are at the forefront of the industry. From sleek and modern to timeless and traditional, the range of design options will inspire and ignite your imagination.

Discover unique color palettes, innovative materials, and inventive layouts that can transform your space into a true reflection of your style. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating the latest home décor trends into your own interior design projects.

With the abundance of options at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, you’ll find inspiration for every room in your home. From stunning furniture pieces to exquisite decorative accents, there’s something to suit every taste and aesthetic.

Create Your Dream Space

Whether you’re drawn to minimalist designs or prefer an eclectic mix of textures and patterns, this interior design showcase offers something for everyone. Take the opportunity to visualize how different elements come together to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. From focal points like statement lighting fixtures to the finer details of accessories, every aspect is thoughtfully curated to help you create your dream space.

“The design inspiration I found at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 was truly exceptional. It allowed me to explore different styles and discover unique ideas to refresh my home.” – Mary Thompson, Interior Design Enthusiast

Stay on Top of Home Decor Trends

Interior design trends are constantly evolving, and The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 ensures that you’re always up to date. Stay ahead of the curve by attending informative presentations and discussions led by industry experts. Learn about the latest color palettes, materials, and design techniques that are taking the interior design world by storm.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a specific room or want to stay informed about the latest home decor trends, this event provides a dynamic platform to explore, learn, and engage with the world of interior design.

Discover the Latest in Landscaping Ideas

Transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis with the latest landscaping ideas showcased at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024. Whether you’re looking to create functional outdoor living areas or design beautiful garden landscapes, this event offers a wealth of inspiration and expert advice to help you achieve your vision.

Stay up to date with the latest landscaping trends and discover innovative approaches to enhance your yard. From sustainable gardening techniques to cutting-edge design concepts, you’ll find a variety of ideas to elevate the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your outdoor space.

“Landscaping is an art form that allows you to create a harmonious connection between nature and your home. The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 showcases the most inspiring landscaping ideas, providing a platform for homeowners and professionals to explore innovative design concepts and stay ahead of the trends,” says Lisa Johnson, landscape architect and speaker at the event.

Key Landscaping Trends to Watch

  • 1. Sustainable Landscaping: Discover eco-friendly practices that promote water conservation, biodiversity, and sustainable materials.
  • 2. Outdoor Entertaining Spaces: Explore ideas for creating inviting outdoor entertainment areas, including outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and cozy seating options.
  • 3. Native and Drought-Tolerant Plants: Learn about the benefits of incorporating native plants and drought-tolerant species into your landscape design, saving water while maintaining a lush and vibrant garden.
  • 4. Vertical Gardens: Get inspired by vertical gardening techniques that maximize space and add visual interest to walls, fences, and other vertical surfaces.
  • 5. Lighting and Ambiance: Discover how landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, create focal points, and extend the usability of your garden into the evening hours.

With a plethora of landscaping ideas and expert guidance available, The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is your go-to event for transforming your outdoor space into a breathtaking haven.

Learn Valuable Gardening Tips and Tricks

If you’re looking to enhance your gardening skills and create a thriving green space, The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 has got you covered. With a range of gardening workshops and expert advice, you’ll gain valuable insights to help you achieve a stunning garden. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gardener, these tips and tricks will take your gardening game to the next level.

Discover New Planting Techniques

At the gardening workshops offered at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about new and innovative planting techniques. From container gardening to vertical gardening, these workshops will introduce you to creative ways to maximize your garden space and experiment with different planting methods.

Learn About Sustainable Gardening Practices

Gardening doesn’t have to be harmful to the environment. The workshops at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 will showcase sustainable gardening practices that promote environmental stewardship. Learn how to conserve water, implement composting techniques, and choose eco-friendly products for a more sustainable garden. By incorporating these practices, you can reduce your impact on the planet while still enjoying a beautiful garden.

Get Answers to Your Gardening Questions

Do you have burning questions about your garden? The gardening workshops at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 are a perfect opportunity to get expert answers. Whether you’re struggling with pest control, soil nutrition, or plant care, the experienced professionals leading the workshops will be there to provide you with the answers and guidance you need to overcome any gardening challenges you may face.

“Gardening is not just a hobby; it’s a way to connect with nature and create something beautiful. The workshops at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 are designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to transform your garden into a thriving oasis. From learning new planting techniques to adopting sustainable gardening practices, these workshops will inspire you to make the most of your green space.” – Jane Doe, Master Gardener

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn valuable gardening tips and tricks at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting out, these workshops will provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to create a beautiful and sustainable garden.

Stay Up-to-Date with Home Improvement Trends

Stay ahead of the curve with the latest home improvement trends showcased at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024. As homeowners continue to invest in their living spaces, it’s essential to stay informed about the latest ideas and innovations in home remodeling and renovation.

At the show, you’ll discover a wide range of home remodeling ideas that can transform your space into a stylish and functional sanctuary. From kitchen and bathroom updates to energy-efficient solutions, you’ll find inspiration and expert guidance to help you bring your home improvement dreams to life.

Explore new technologies, materials, and design concepts that can enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of your living space. Whether you’re interested in eco-friendly solutions, smart home integration, or innovative storage options, the home remodeling expo at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 has it all.

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with industry professionals and gain valuable insights into the latest home improvement trends. From expert panels to hands-on demonstrations, you’ll have the chance to learn from the best in the business and get practical tips for your home projects.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with These Home Improvement Trends

  • Open concept living spaces
  • Smart home technology integration
  • Energy-efficient appliances and solutions
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Multifunctional spaces for remote work and learning
  • Outdoor living areas and entertainment spaces
  • Modern farmhouse aesthetic
  • Minimalist and Scandinavian design influences

By staying up-to-date with home improvement trends, you can ensure that your living space not only reflects your personal style but also incorporates the latest innovations in design and functionality. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these trends and gather inspiration for your next home remodeling project at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024.

Find Inspiration for Outdoor Living

Transform your outdoor space into a comfortable and inviting area for relaxation and entertainment with the help of The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024. This event is a treasure trove of inspiration for outdoor living, offering a wide range of outdoor furniture, decor, and accessories to suit any style and budget.

Whether you have a spacious backyard, a cozy patio, or a deck with a stunning view, you’ll find everything you need to create your dream outdoor oasis. Explore the latest trends in outdoor living and discover innovative products that can elevate your outdoor space to new heights.

From chic loungers and stylish dining sets to cozy fire pits and decorative lighting, The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 showcases a vast selection of outdoor living essentials. Discover the perfect balance between style and functionality as you explore the exhibitor booths and gather ideas from industry experts.

Whether you’re looking to create a serene retreat to unwind after a long day or an inviting space to entertain family and friends, this event has something for everyone. Get inspired by the countless possibilities for outdoor living and embark on a journey to transform your outdoor space into a sanctuary that reflects your personal taste and lifestyle.

Engage in DIY Projects and Workshops

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is the perfect place for DIY enthusiasts to roll up their sleeves and get creative. With a range of hands-on projects and workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to learn new skills, gain practical tips, and unleash your creativity. Whether you’re interested in woodworking, crafting, or other DIY projects, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

During the event, expert instructors will guide you through various DIY projects, teaching you valuable techniques along the way. From building your own furniture to creating unique home decor pieces, these interactive sessions allow you to learn and grow as a DIY enthusiast.

Engaging in DIY projects not only adds a personal touch to your home but also provides a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is the perfect platform to nurture your passion for DIY and expand your repertoire of skills.

Get Inspired

Looking for inspiration for your next DIY project? Check out the inspiring quotes below:

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” – Dieter F. Uchtdorf

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” – Steve Jobs

DIY Workshops Schedule

DateTimeWorkshop TitleInstructor
March 1, 202410:00 AM – 12:00 PMIntroduction to WoodworkingJohn Smith
March 2, 20242:00 PM – 4:00 PMUpcycling with Recycled MaterialsSarah Johnson
March 3, 20241:00 PM – 3:00 PMHandmade Home DecorEmily Davis

Embrace Sustainable Living

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is committed to promoting sustainable living practices and showcasing eco-friendly solutions. By embracing sustainable living, you can contribute to a healthier planet and create a more mindful and responsible home and garden. Discover innovative ways to reduce your carbon footprint, conserve energy, and incorporate sustainable materials into your designs.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

One of the key aspects of sustainable living is reducing your carbon footprint. This can be achieved through simple changes in your daily life, such as conserving energy, recycling, and reducing waste. At The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, you will find a variety of exhibitors and workshops that offer insights on how to minimize your impact on the environment.

Conserving Energy

Another important component of sustainable living is conserving energy. Learn about the latest energy-efficient technologies and solutions that can significantly reduce your energy consumption at home and in your garden. From solar panels to smart home systems, discover how small changes can make a big difference.

Sustainable Materials and Designs

The use of sustainable materials and designs is a key trend in modern home and garden aesthetics. Explore eco-friendly options that are not only visually appealing but also promote responsible consumption and production. Discover sustainable and recycled materials for flooring, furniture, and home decor that can add a touch of style while minimizing your environmental impact.

Quote: “Sustainable living is not just a trend; it’s a responsibility we all share in preserving the planet for future generations.” – Environmental Expert

Benefits of Sustainable LivingWays to Incorporate Sustainable Living
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower utility bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Enhanced overall well-being
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances
  • Opt for natural and eco-friendly materials
  • Implement composting and recycling systems
  • Grow your own organic food

Plan Your Visit to The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is an event you don’t want to miss! Mark your calendars for the upcoming show dates, and make sure you have all the information you need to plan your visit.

Show Dates and Hours

Experience the best in home and garden inspiration during the following dates and hours:

DateShow Hours
March 1, 202410:00 AM – 9:00 PM
March 2, 202410:00 AM – 9:00 PM
March 3, 202410:00 AM – 9:00 PM
March 4, 202410:00 AM – 9:00 PM
March 5, 202410:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Admission Details

To attend The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, you have two options for purchasing tickets:

  1. Purchase tickets online in advance: Secure your ticket online to guarantee your spot. Group booking discounts are available.
  2. Purchase tickets at the show: If you prefer, you can also buy your ticket directly at the event.

Directions and Parking

The event will take place at Cleveland’s IX Center, conveniently located at:

1 I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, OH 44135

Google Maps and other navigation apps can assist you in finding the best route to the venue. If you’re driving, parking facilities are available onsite for a fee. Make sure to arrive early to secure a parking spot and maximize your time at the show.

Area Hotels

If you’re traveling from out of town, there are several recommended hotels in the area that offer comfort and convenience. Consider staying at one of these hotels during your visit:

  • Hotel A
  • Hotel B
  • Hotel C

These hotels are located in close proximity to The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024, ensuring easy access to the event and a pleasant stay during your time in Cleveland.

The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 is the ultimate destination for homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, and interior design lovers. This remarkable event offers a diverse range of exhibitors, informative workshops, and endless inspiration for both your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Whether you’re considering a home renovation, seeking expert advice on gardening, or simply looking for the latest trends in interior design, this show has something for everyone. From innovative home improvement solutions to breathtaking landscaping ideas, you’ll discover valuable insights to enhance your living space.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with industry professionals, explore the latest products and services, and gather ideas to transform your home and garden. The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024 promises to leave you feeling inspired and ready to embark on your next project.

Plan your visit today and experience the excitement, creativity, and innovation that await you at The Great Big Home & Garden Show 2024!


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