Sam Asghari gives reason for separation
This is how Britney Spears' ex talks about their relationship

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When celebrity marriages break down, a war of roses often follows. However, Britney Spears doesn't have to fear this. Sam Asghari's divorce was announced in August 2023. Her ex-husband still raves highly about the pop star and their relationship.

Sam Asghari has only kind words for his failed relationship with Britney Spears. It's a blessing to be able to share life with someone for a long time, the model said in a conversation with People. Asghari also emphasized that he doesn't hold anything against his ex and is instead happy about the time they spent together.

He justified his decision to separate with the words: “People grow apart and move on.” Spears probably doesn't have to worry that her ex will wash dirty laundry in public. Asghari emphasizes that he always hated it when people separated and talked about each other. “That's something I'll never do because I've had nothing but an amazing experience and a great life, and that will always be part of my life, a chapter of my life,” he told the magazine.

Today, March 3rd, Asghari celebrates his 30th birthday. The fitness professional now also has a positive outlook on old age. Asghari says he used to think that people aged 30 were “that old”. Apparently that perception has now changed: “Everyone I talk to says the older they get, the more they can enjoy life, because with age comes wisdom and experiences.”

Britney Spears was “a little shocked”

Spears and Asghari began dating in 2017 and married in 2022, shortly after Britney Spears freed herself from her father's guardianship. During the fight against her family, Asghari always stood by his partner, even in public. In August last year, it was revealed that Asghari had filed for divorce.

The separation apparently came as a surprise to Britney Spears. The singer said on Instagram that she was “a little shocked”. This is Spears' third failed marriage. She was married to her childhood friend Jason Alexander for 55 hours in 2004 and to Kevin Federline from 2004 to 2007, with whom she has her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.


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